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Invest with ease to growing with curated SMEs who envision to go global.

Easy to invest via Sinwattana Crowdfunding portal. Investors are able to access business model, finaicial data and offering statement 24/7.

Over active 0 investors pool, and 700+ high rollers


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Benefits of investing with Sinwattana

Alternative finance has given the encouragement and motivation to SMEs to step up on their thriving businesses. We serve affluent individuals and institutional investors from different sectors to ensure transparency and superior return.

Growth with company

Creating impacts performance and growth opportunity of Thai SMEs through the influence mechanism of the wisdom-of-crowd effect.


Understanding the risks, and investing in curated Thai SMEs by Business Development Expert and lisensed Financial Analyst team.

Return of Investment

Getting an alternative high-yield investment through crowdfunding when the businesses exist.

Easy Step to Invest with Sinwattana

Join the bandwagon of institutional investors who have made investment and supported alternative finance market growth by leaps and bounce.

1. Onboarding
  • Register on the platform, and fill in personal details and upload required documents.
  • Verify your investment knowledge.
  • Verify your investment qualifications by our team.
2. Discover Investment Opportunities
  • Take a closer look at the companies you're interested in. Read the deal details to understand the investment risks.
  • Join a private session or watch the video to find out the answers to all of your questions.
3. Start Investing
  • You're ready to invest. Just click the "Reserve" button on the company's profile page and follow the steps to complete your investment.
  • Deposit money into our escrow agent to confirm your investment.
4. Manage your investment
  • View all your investments on your Portfolio page.
  • After a deal is successful, issuer will issue a share certificate to all investors who subscribe to the deal.

An investor applicant's qualifications and documents

As long as you are over 20 years old, with understand the process of investing in crowdfunding. The following documentation is required.
ID card / Passport (For a foreigner)
The first page of the bank book or bank account details including your name and bank account number
Documents to prove creditworthiness when declared as a non-retail investor

Investing on Sinwattana Crowdfunding platform has its own risks. Offering deals in Crowdfunding have low liquidity since there are limited channels to sell the shares. Investors should invest wisely and learn about investing in Crowdfunding thoroughly in order to distribute and decrease risks of loss on investments.

To be a leading global investment business portal for Thai Startups/SMEs. Our goal is to revolutionize the business economy by providing alternative sources of funding, organized around the belief that “Funding Together!”, empowering genuine businesses and investors, who strive CHANGE to generate IMPACT for a SUSTAINABLE FUTURE.

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